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Skip the chocolates and sugary candy and opt for a gift that will be enjoyed well past February 15th!

Red Hot Racer from Automoblox. This puzzle car is great on its own or can be combined with other Automoblox Sets.

A Peapod Pet will definitely please you favorite young lady. The Peapod can be easily transformed into a stylish handbag for a quick trip out of the house~
Peapod Pet
    Pixie pet closed

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Ogon Designs WalletA few very hot gift ideas for Valentine’s Day! A bold red Aluminum Wallet from Ögon Designs is very cool (also comes in silver). The red leather “Think Pad” from Karen Callan features a whimsical frog resting on the 500 sheet pad – magnificent! Find them both at Write On and More. HH

Karen Kallan Desk Pad

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I Came across these amazing products from Brit designer Kirsty Anne Powell, founder and Design Director of Oromono (based in Amsterdam). The children’s slippers are so sweet! Each of her textile designs have a unique three dimensional look. Visit Oromono to discover beautiful pillows, bags, cushions. etc. Enjoy. HH

Oromono Slippers


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These are fabulous!


Phrenology – from the Greek words for “mind” and “knowledge” was a very popular discipline in the 19th century. The concept or idea was that personality and character traits of an individual were determined by the shape of their head. The brain was divided into different areas that represented certain localized functions and the “bumps and fissures” on the head in those areas would be measured to determine if certain personality traits or propensities were evident. This discipline even went so far as predicting a child’s future life, prospects for marriage and was used to screen job applicants! I am sure “Mr. Big Head” wished the EEOC existed.

Pseudo Science or not – I just thought the busts were cool – look for one in the store and on my mantle very soon!

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The first time I saw this bowl I immediately thought of Mork’s egg chair. I realize that the bowl is round – but you get the idea (I think!). How fun is this bowl? It would be great for a casual get-together or even for everyday use. The bowl could also be used as a great display piece for party or holiday decorations. The wood spoon and presentation base complete the set.Mork Bowl

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Cufflinks as a Valentine’s Day gift for your leading man? Definitely! These are not any ordinary cufflinks – first of all, they are called “Flatlinks” and are the creation of the Brooklyn design house Stewart/Stand. Created from titanium, each cufflink rotates 180* to reveal an All-Titanium side or the Black Enamel side- 2 looks in one. Stewart/Stand places particular focus on the experiential attributes of their designs. Each set of flatlinks are packaged in a gift box with a custom magnetic travel case & story card. A fabulous gift for the design conscious man.

Ellispe Cufflinks


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This collection of Wooden Spelling Blocks would make a fabulous “New Baby Gift.” We love the use of bright tropical colors instead of the traditional primary ones. Each block features an alpha letter with corresponding picture and word. You can use the blocks as nursery decorations when a child is young and later they will serve as a great learning tool for toddlers on up.

Wooden Spelling Blocks

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