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Never worry about using the communal office utensils again! This is probably one of the most creative uses of a Bic Pen lid I have ever seen. Check out the Designboom site for even more interesting entries from the “Dining in 2015” Competition.

Dinink DesignBoom Competition

din-ink design by : andrea cingoli + paolo emilio bellisario + cristian cellini + francesca fontana from italy
designer’s own words:
“Turn your favourite office tool from your desk in a common cutlery…this is din-ink. A set of pen caps, including a fork-cap, a knife-cap and a spoon-cap, that replaces the normal pen cap during lunch time! All caps are made by annually renewable resources, like natural starch and fibres, to be 100% biodegradable and atoxic, warranting the best alimentary use. Dispensing each set in a compostable packaging the whole set is designed to respect the environment. Now give your office ballpoint pen a good excuse to be gnawed by your teeth: use them for din-ink.”

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In Full Bloom Notecards

Flower Notecards

Beautiful flowers and glitter – what more could a girl want! These fabulous hand-glittered Notecards are packaged in a sleek square tin box – use it later to house receipts, coupons or small treasures. Colorful Roses, Ranunculus and Lilly of the Valley shimmer on creamy card-stock. The set includes 2 of each design (blank inside) with coordinating chocolate brown envelopes. Simply stunning! Enjoy. HH

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“Hello Fabulous” – is the name of this gorgeous feathered hat. Hmmm….it is fabulous, do you think I could get away with wearing it to a Kindergarten Graduation in May (she thinks I could)? ……HH

Feather Hat

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I hope that “someone” is having a wonderful and relaxing time on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin – enoying the beaches, sun and a fabulous dinner at La Cigale! HH

La Cigale
La Cigale – Laguna Beach – Route des Terres Basses – Baie Nettlé

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Inspiration 3 Tube Vase

Dinner is simmering in the oven, the wine is chilling, the music is on – but wait, the flowers have not yet been arranged and the guests will be over in 5 minutes! No worries – you can create a stunning flower design in seconds with this 3 Tube Vase. Your fresh cut tulips, daffodils or calla lillies will look amazing on the table, bar or mantle and will provide that chic and modern look you desired for your dinner soirée. Enjoy. HH

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Carrol Boyes Pasta Tongs
Great service always makes you smile! South African artist, Carrol Boyes, has definitely captured that sentiment with her handcrafted – pressed stainless steel Pasta Tongs. These functional and artistic Tongs feature two “Heads” that will expertly grab hold of and serve all of your favorite pasta dishes.
Each Carrol Boyes piece is completely handmade by talented craftspeople, who according to Carrol, “put a little of their character and soul into each piece.” Since no item is exactly the same as any other item, you are getting a unique and collectible piece of “art.”
The Pasta Tongs would make a wonderful host/hostess gift!

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It is time to finally retire the plastic cosmetic case you received: “Free With $25 Purchase of Cosmetics”  and step up to the next level of essentials organization. The Stephanie Johnson “ML Traveler” is a serious case that gives you, the on-the-go, modern woman, many options. The interior features not 1, but 3 removable pouches (2 mesh snap-out pouches and 1 clear toiletry case). This arrangement will enable you to throw a bag in your purse and keep one in the car or diaper bag. When it is time to travel – everything will fit neatly in the case.

The chocolate jacquard fabric is trimmed with aqua grosgrain ribbon – a very chic color combination. The ML Traveler will enable you to be stylish and organized – a perfect combination that is Write On!!

ML Traveler

ML Traveler Interior

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Before scrapbooking became such a national phenomenon we had “collaging!” Remember all of those pictures from spring break, formal dances and summer vacations that were expertly “mashed” together and stuck behind a cheap acrylic frame? They were displayed proudly in many a dorm room, but today, I am sure they have found a much less visible home (in a box in the basement). Well, it is time to get those creative juices flowing (or mouse clicking abilities going) and join this new creative revolution – Polyvore. Here is the background info from the Polyvore Website:

“Polyvore is a unique, easy-to-use web-based application for mixing and matching products from any online store. Items are pulled together into a visual set of products that can be shared with anyone. Each product within the set is then linked back to the online store where it is available for purchase.

Polyvore is often described as “highly addictive” by those who fall in love with it’s collaging functionality and spend hours creating sets to share with others. Polyvore thus offers an unprecedented level of direct engagement with real products and brands, while its social features make it a powerful platform for the creation and distribution of user-generated advertising.”

OK – so instead of cropping real photos, you are surfing the web and clicking on great products to use in your set. It is very cool and seems relatively easy to use – try not to be intimidated by the amazing layouts you will see on the homepage and just have fun with it!!

We would love to see someone create a great set of Write On and More products – should we start a contest???

img-set.jpg Here is a quick set we created today.

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Alic Mirror Teapot
Turn any day bright with the whimsical Alice Mirror Teapot!
This teapot is absolutely adorable – you just want to smile when you look at it (and see your beautiful smiling reflection too!). Go ahead and add a splash of color to your next ladies tea! Enjoy.

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We just received a wonderful parcel from London containing the most stylish “colouring books.” We know you and your children will just love them!

The creator of the books, Roz Streeten – is a mother who enjoyed drawing and coloring with her young children. She took instructions from her daughters on what to draw, with dresses being the most popular item requested. Her daughters would then add the faces, arms and legs and color the dresses. Streeten was amazed by her daughter’s prolonged interest in adding the necessary head, legs and arms to create new characters and felt that there were other children who might enjoy the same activity – thus Rosie Flo was born.

All of the books are designed and published in-house at Streeten Kamlish Graphic Design. The paper quality is very nice and thick enough to avoid showing through or damaging the picture on the next page. The books are perfectly sized (8″x8″) and are very sturdy.

We believe this is a book that can be enjoyed by a very wide age range – young children on up. The Rosie Flo series is perfect for girls and the Johnny Joe series for boys. Take a look at some of the sample spreads. These would make fantastic Child birthday gifts or a nice gift for Easter.

Now available at www.writeonandmore.com Enjoy. HH

Rosie Flow Animal Rosie Flow Animal Spread

Johnny Joe Johnny Joe Spread

Rosie Flo Rosie Flo Original

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Piffl Chair
Piffl Interieur Chairs – Japanese Version

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Eye-popping Flame color! The simple, chic design of the Bosca Seychelles Messenger Bag calls to mind the beauty of its island namesake (for the geographically challenged – Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean, 1500 KM East of the African mainland and northeast of Madagascar – OK, I had to Google it!). The most interesting feature about this bag is the leather treatment. Besides being incredibly soft, the Italian leather is tumbled and pearlized, which lends a very cool metallic presence.  Not only do you get a very functional Laptop Bag – you get a little “shimmer!” You deserve it…

Bosca Flame Messenger

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After a few drinks, anything could be crossing the table. But how about creatures that serve a purpose? 14-karat yellow gold plate Turtle Salt & Pepper Shakers with Swarovski® crystals. You’ve got to own these!

Lobjet Turtle Pepper
Lobjet Salt Turtle

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Vintage Scarves Sachet
Various vintage floral silk scarves – edged with antique lace. Scented with milk & honey, caramel, golden musk and sweet pea. Gold ‘N Dulcinea

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Each item in our store is hand-selected by us – so there is a story behind everything. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you in person all of the reasons why we chose a product or all of its amazing attributes – but having this Blog is the next best thing.

Here is the story behind these amazing Snakeskin Frames and Notepads from Helene Batoff Interiors. Last August we visited Helene and her staff at her Wynnewood, PA Studio. We actually hand-selected the individual skins that would be used to cover the frames and notepad holders. Each piece is hand-finished at the Studio by Helene’s long time and hardworking staff. These pieces are truly are one-of a kind and are exclusive to Write On and More.

The Brown set would look fantastic on a man’s desk. The colors are so rich and have a very masculine feel. The Black Set is super chic – and would make a wonderful gift. The Red Set is very sophisticated and would work equally well on a man’s or woman’s desk. The notepad holders are refillable! HH

Brown Set Black Red

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Have you already given up on your New Year Resolutions to get better organized? Well you still have 326 days this year to get it together and Write On and More can help. The Whomi Clarity Modern Agenda is just what you need to keep track of your obligations, work projects or children’s activities – and it is on sale!

Whomi Agenda


The awesome Lallie “to do 08” Notepad will give you 200 reasons (or pages!) to write a list, a quick note or reminder to keep your resolutions this year! HH

Lallie To Do Pad


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Amaryllis and Paperwhite flowers should not just be considered Christmas Holiday flowers – they can work wonderfully as Valentine’s Day gifts! Who would not love a fresh blooming flower in their home or office?

Bloembox has created an absolutely stunning package for the flower bulbs. The crisp apple green color of the box reminds you that spring is around the corner and the luscious satin ribbon and realistic blooms that adorn the keep-sake box make this an exquisite gift.

Send to a loved one today -We just put them on sale!


Bloembox Closed

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This very stylish notepad collection from Russell + Hazel would make a wonderful gift for your best girl friend, co-worker confidante or favorite teacher. The Essential Notepad Set features a small 80 page notepad with a rich brown foil stamped cover, a larger notepad that is only half-lined – perfect to capture your best sketches, notes and ideas. The two are bound by an extra large and very colorful rubber-band. This would make a very beautiful and thoughtful gift. Find it at Write On and More. HH

Audrey Notepad Set

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Crystal Pencils

You definitely cannot make a mistake with these pencils – because they are topped with a genuine Strass Swarovski Crystal instead of the traditional spongy pink eraser! Designed and manufactured by the Austrian company PIFFL Interieur, these solid hardwood Pencils will add a little sparkle to even your most mundane tasks. The pencils are packaged in sets of three in either the orchid or sea color range – basically a set of purpley pinks or greenish blues. The pencils would make a fabulous gift for even the moodiest TWEEN Girl! Enjoy. HH

Piffl Pencils

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These fabulously scented candles or rather “Chandels” from DayNa Decker feature an ingenious “EcoWood Wick” that crackles like a real fire. The Artemisia candle has essences of White Lotus, Magnolia, Fressia, Patchouli, Clove and Cedar Wood. When lit, the candle will infuse a room with a rich, but not overpowering fragrance.

DayNa Decker Candle

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Wow – Christine Misiak, a very young and talented British student and designer finds cast away or damaged tea sets at “car boot sales” and flea markets that she: reclaims, restyles and resurfaces them into these vibrant and bold tea sets. These customized pieces are the perfect blend of traditional design and contemporary style. This is a designer that you definitely will see more of in the future. HH

vert tea set                                                     Black Tea Set

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