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Sam Norgard

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“There is no function that cannot be given its optimal form”

That is the driving force behind Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein. Wettstein and his team of designers and architects have cultivated and produced award winning interiors, furniture, lighting, electronics and luxury good products.

Wettstein’s design for the influential and technologically innovative German pen manufacturer – LAMY, is a prime example of functional contemporary art.

The LAMY Studio shows with great elegance how close design and art can become.

The LAMY Studio Fountain Pen would make a superb gift for Father’s Day or the recent College Graduate. Find it here. Enjoy HH

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A lovely addition to any garden. Enjoy HH

Shawn Lovell Metalworks

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These have been hiding in my “vault” for some time.

Designed by Cygalle Shapiro for the Dining in 2015 Designboom Competion.

“Putting Out The Good Silver”

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My peony flowers have finally begun to bloom!

Daybreak In a Garden

I heard the farm cocks crowing, loud, and faint, and thin,
When hooded night was going and one clear planet winked:
I heard shrill notes begin down the spired wood distinct,
When cloudy shoals were chinked and gilt with fires of day.
White-misted was the weald; the lawns were silver-grey;
The lark his lonely field for heaven had forsaken;
And the wind upon its way whispered the boughs of may,
And touched the nodding peony-flowers to bid them waken.

Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967)

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Since the 1970’s, NAVA Design (division of NAVA Milano SPA) has sought contributions from the world’s finest designers for it’s range of functional professional accessories.

One of the most recent designers to collaborate with NAVA is Naoto Fukasawa (view bio here). The N_Bag will be introduced later this year and is described as “the essence of contemporary nomadism.”

Fully extended, the N_Bag functions as a tote with handles. When properly folded, the tote becomes a messenger bag with a closed flap.

The fabric texture has a modern industrial feelĀ  and the muted colors and lack of adornment make the the N_Bag quietly elegant.

Will be available later this summer at writeonandmore.com & Write-On Sarasota. HH

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Elizabeth Showers

I fell for these beautiful designs before I realized that there was so much more to them, than gold or gems…

This young jewelry designer, Elizabeth Showers is an amazing woman. Her designs are meant to “empower all women to feel beautiful.” Elizabeth herself appears to understand the meaning of true beauty, her recovery from anorexia has provided her with the inspiration and drive to create exquisite designs that embody triumph over adversity.

The sale of each piece from the Hope Star Collection helps supports the National Eating Disorder Association and the Elisa Project. Elizabeth has also designed the Promise Collection and a donation is made to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for each piece sold. HH

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