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“Everyday Images 1.18.08”

{Jen Renninger}

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heather-lins-homeSet a modern table with placemats, napkins and coasters from the Numbered Collection by Heather Lins.

{Heather Lins Home}

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I have procrastinated long enough.  It is time to start the preparations for tomorrow’s dinner.  Unfortunately, I need to dismantle my “office” as we actually need to use my desk for its intended purpose – a dining room table.

It is a beautiful table -passed on to us from my husband’s mother.  I am sure that the gently worn cherry wood has preserved some fabulous stories of past dinners and family celebrations.  Tell us one Eileen

Napkin {BHG}

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Yes, eating chocolate can be environmentally conscious if it is packaged in an edible box – so there!

{Charles Chocolates}

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Take a look at this clever holiday promotion that

Greenford Printing Company ran last year.



Purpose, a UK based graphic design company, played on the familiarity of Pantone color swatches by creating these playful Panettone boxes.   I hope Greenford’s customers were impressed, I know I am.

via {The Dieline}

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Two days from now,  my siblings {minus one brother – the lion} and their families will gather at my home to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I actually look forward to the chaos, stress and general mayhem that will ensue, it would not be one of “our” family holidays without those ingredients.

The above illustration was created by Marguerite Sauvage for Longchamp, and I recently realized that it is a perfect representation of my siblings {almost, the tiger cub needs to be a girl}.

In case you are wondering – I’m the antelope  enjoy hh

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A warm welcome to all the Kirtsy readers who ventured over here this week, especially karey m {hugs}.  We hope to see you again very soon!

eileen & heather

Photo {Bill HoganChicago Tribune}

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