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I may not have been terribly good in geometry – but I know you can’t go wrong with wearing these zig zag patterns {just not at the same time}!


Fun and flirty dress for the summer by Valerie Dumaine.


Love ’em – signature Missoni print espadrille.


Wear it – Zigzag scarf from dELiAs.

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Playful patterns and pops of bright color make a fresh statement in home decor.

via Japanese Retailer {Fiq Online}

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“Construction Paper & Marbles”

Barry Walthall Photography via {Photo.net}

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Time to leave my imaginary home office.  The weekend is almost here – off you go – have a lovely trip!

Till Monday…

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Thank you Karey for noting this on kirtsy {at least I know you are still out there!} because that is how I found Simply Seductive, a gorgeous blog, that posed the question – “Would you go Red?” in a recent post.


We are referring to hair – gorgeous red-hued hair.

This caught my attention you see, because my husband has the most amazing shade of red hair {sigh…our girls inherited fiery personalities instead of locks!}

So – would you go red?

image {Edward Gajdel}

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Today I will pretend this is my home office:

amanda-nisbet-design-office1Chic and organized!

Amanda Nisbet Design via {Traditional Home}

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..I never leave the house without:


A pair of David Yurman Thoroughbred hoops.  Like the name implies, these earrings are winners and have been gracing my lobes for the past 10 years {and counting!}


The minimalist in can’t help but adore the sleek unadorned silver tube.  My practical side appreciates a product that has consistently performed well for the past 15 years {and counting}.

{Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara – Jet Black}


I “borrowed”  this scent from my future mother-in law {was that awful of me}?  Well, more than 10 years later I am still spritzing and now blogging with my mother-in law!

My first adult “signature scent” {Bvlgari  Poure Femme}

Wow, I never realized what a brand loyalist I am!

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