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During our recent trip south to Florida, we are able soak in the sun and the tropical inspired holiday decor.  Lighted palms instead of pine trees sparkled, boats became floats in the town Christmas parade and dolphins instead of reindeer were seen pulling Santa’s sleigh.

We found the perfect way to preserve some of  those tropical vibes with this elegant Tonna Shell Paperwhite Kit.  Both  the beautiful blooms of the Paperwhite Narcissus and the subtle touch of  nautical flair will be most welcome in any home this season, especially ours.  enjoy hh

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Agraria, the country’s oldest and largest luxury home fragrance company,  has many products in Our Favorite Gifts list this year.  The scents are elegant, not overpowering.  The attention to detail is impressive, from hand-made antiqued mirrored trays to custom designed papers and hand woven silk tassels.  The stylish Agraria products are the quintessential “luxuries for everyday living.”  Make one your signature host/hostess gift – always perfect.

Agraria Air Essence / Agraria Tassel Aire / Agraria Bath Bar / Agraria  Sheets

Agraria products are available next door at writeonandmore

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As I strolled through the mall recently, {actually, I don’t stroll, I race through the maze of stores as quickly as possible, fearful I might develop a bad case of mall-itis} I noticed some jewelry stores were clearing out their cases for good.

This leads me to believe there will be quite a few little hinged boxes under the tree this year, only to transform into tiny finger pinching scream machines later.  So,  where are you going to keep your new stash of gems?

In this beautiful silk jewelry roll – of course!

If new jewelery is not on your list this year, no need to worry, this is still the perfect accessory to store and transport the beautiful pieces you already own.  enjoy hh

Available next door at writeonandmore

photo via {Dancing Shadow}

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There has been quite a bit of chatter lately about finding gifts with “shelf-life” – to be enjoyed and appreciated long past December 25th.   We believe this book could be one of the most lovely and thoughtful gifts you can get for your father or any new Dad.

Each page of My Dad: His Stories, His Words has questions that only your Dad can answer like, “Who were your best friends from childhood?  What were they like?”  Learn about Dad from his perspective and discover what made him the man he is today.

Ultimately, the completed book will become a gift for future generations to cherish – one with the best kind of “shelf-life.” enjoy hh

Available next door at writeonandmore

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Ever think of sending a postcard with your holiday greetings?  Not only are they economical to send {27¢} they are also environmentally conscious because they don’t require extra paper for an envelope {ok, that was a bit of a stretch!}.  Each of these seasonal images are printed on creamy card stock and glisten with a dusting of silver glitter.

Mail a postcard and spread holiday cheer to your friends and to the postal workers who deliver them {you know they look!}.

Holiday Botanical Glitter Postcards by Cavallini are available next door at writeonandmore.

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‘Tis the season for lists and gifts!  Not sure where to start?  Take a look at the list we put together of Our Favorite Gifts for men, women, children and the home.  We also included a section of fabulous gifts under $25.  Still not feeling inspired?  Check back for our daily gift features and specials that will run throughout the month of December.  enjoy hh

photo by {Chris Everard – view his amazing work here}

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