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Finally, a reasonably priced and attractive collection of children’s clothing for dress and play that are not emblazoned with a Disney character.

via {Olive Juice Kids}

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It was slow getting to our house this year, you know, the magical power that transforms children into angels for 3 ½ weeks each December.  Thankfully, it managed to quietly slip in last night as the girls were making their advent chains.  Sibling peace and harmony until Christmas.  One can only hope!

Wooden Angels {Aarikka}

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Artist and designer, Rufus Butler Seder has not only captured the imagination of children, but also the New York Times Best Sellers list, with his book “Gallop!

Employing a patented new technology called Scanimation, each page is a marvel that brings animals to life with art that literally moves (click on the image above to see the horse in motion).

The book shows a horse in full gallop, a turtle swimming up the page, a dog running, a cat that springs, an eagle soaring and a butterfly who flutters.  The movements of the animals are so life-like, you and your children will find them quite mesmerizing.

A wonderful book for the young and young at heart.  Available here. enjoy hh

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My daughter received a wonderful puzzle for her recent birthday, The Dance Class by Edgar Degas. As soon as she saw the picture, she exclaimed, “Oh, I know who painted this, I have a book with the other dance pictures.”

As a mother, I did feel a slight surge of pride when my 6 year old recognized this “masterpiece” and the artist’s other body of work. I also remembered well the book my daughter was referencing, a fabulous board book with the most melodic text – Dancing with Degas by Chronicle Books. This book and another in the series, A Picnic With Monet, were read to my daughters so often, that I can still recite each from memory.

Authored by Julie Merberg (currently the president of Downtown Bookworks Inc.) and Suzanne Bober (an avid art collector), these imaginative and playful books are sure to become some of the most well read in your child or grandchild’s collection.

The Mini Masters Boxed Set would make an excellent shower or new baby gift. Featuring the work of Degas, Monet, Matisse and Van Gogh, this 4 book collection will provide a wonderful introduction to a world of beautiful art. This extensive series of books also includes the art of Seurat, Cassatt, Picasso, Gauguin, Rousseau and Renior. Start your adventure today. Enjoy HH

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The final bell has rung and the familiar afternoon rumblings of Bus 6 will soon be a distant memory. The girls are finally home and full of excitement as they begin their summer vacation!

Aahh yes, a summer of swim team, reading, golf lessons, play time and a few school camps will fill their days. Quite the idyllic life for a 6 and 7 year old.

Adjustments must be made to my daily routine as I will now have my two young side-kicks at home, creating their own version of the perfect summer vacation. Their “creativity” never ceases to amaze me (or at times incense me). I look forward to what they have in store for me!

I must remember that patience, flexibility, central air, a nice chardonnay and of course, lots of love, will make this quite a lovely summer. Enjoy HH

Wonderful Plant Creations from Elsa Mora (her work is incredible – take a peek)

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These are almost too cute for dirty clothes!

These over-sized laundry bags from India Rose would function perfectly in a child’s room or nursery. I could picture them hung on the back of the door – adding some ruffly charm. Enjoy HH

Devil Bags via India Rose

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This unique Travel Journal will allow your child to capture their vacation or summer travel memories in an interactive and fun book.

The Travel Journal has prompted pages for your child to complete, as well as blank pages for drawings and photos. A sticker sheet is also included to decorate these unique pages. A fantastic way for any child to actively record their personal vacation memories. Find it here. Enjoy HH

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