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{The Cornerstone}


Ten years ago today was our wedding day.  I can still remember everything about that beautiful spring day ~ but it was just one day, part of the foundation of our lives together.

When I look at what we have built in these ten years ~ it is more amazing than anything I could have imagined.

Today may be just one day ~ but it is now part of this grand structure we have built ~ perhaps it will be a window ~  so we can look inside to appreciate all that what we have and look out to welcome what may come.

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Someone in our house is turning 8 today!  Happy Birthday K, may this be a year of adventures…so keep dreaming and exploring!

image via {CamilleSoulAyrol}

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With the plethora of wonderful Christmas songs, why must my girls continually sing this one?

Now you know what I’ll be humming all day….

Image {Vinyl Decals by Plaksels}

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{Fly Away}


We are taking to the sky today and our little flock will land here for a much anticipated visit with Gigi {and Pop!}

Bird Ring {Tous}

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