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Something we all need…..

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Elsa Mora {Elista} ~ 2007 Especimenes
Couturier Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

The above work by artist, Elsa Mora is titled “Specimens” and was the featured piece of her show last year.  It incorporated 100 species of butterflies each representing a “remarkable” woman who has made an impact in the world.

With her installation, Mora wanted “to represent one hundred ways of being a woman. There is something revealing about putting all of these women together. Suddenly you realize that you are part of them. As a woman you are part of something much bigger than the limits of your body and your mind.”

Here is the list of 100 women.

Elsa Mora, quite the phenomenal woman herself, has an expressive range of art that stimulates the viewer to find more meaning in life.  From her unique Plant Creations and intricate Paper Sculptures/Papercuts, to her soulful Illustrations and Jewelry, this woman is a dynamo and an inspiration (oh, and she is also married to a Hollywood producer)!  I am in awe….

I must ask myself, what can I do to make a difference today?  enjoy hh

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Bon Pure White Rocking Chair – Phillipe Starck 2008

Internationally renowned designer, Philippe Starck, has plans to make his mark on the “Reality-TV” sensation (and perhaps design a new flat screen tv during the process!). The BBC Two and Starck have teamed up to create a new television series – Philippe Starck’s School of Design. 25 aspiring British designers will vie for 10 spots at this newly created school in Paris and the opportunity to learn and work alongside Stark. The ultimate winner will receive a 6 month placement at Starck’s Paris Office.

Starck is quoted as saying “”What excites me about this project is that it’s about the future. We are trying to find the talent of young people. We don’t want the fashion victim or the design victim; we’re seeking the people who do, the people who actually make something.”

“That’s why this show can be a wake-up machine. It will also show that no one needs to be a genius to be creative. Creativity is accessible,” he added. (via Guardian UK)

Now I need to find out if I my cable package carries the BBC Two! Enjoy HH

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Photographer and artist Michel Tcherevkoff creates and captures these amazing botanical images. Utilizing a digital camera, MAC Pro and Photoshop, Tcherevkoff masterfully blends the mediums of photography and digital art.

Born in Paris to Russian Parents, Tcherevkoff completed Law School in France. After a visit with his sister, a model living in New York, he abruptly changed plans and soon began a new career in photography.

Tcherevkoff learned the trade by assisting other photographers and soon discovered his own talents and passion for the camera. Although he lacked any formal art or photography training, Tcherevkoff quickly established himself in the advertising world with his “avant- garde” style.

Working with such clients as Prescriptives, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Canon and Valentino, Tcherevkoff honed his craft and solidified his reputation for creating “unconventional advertising images”.

While on a shoot, he viewed a photo of a leaf turned upside down and thought it resembled a shoe. Tcherevkoff scanned the image and added a heel – the first “Shoe Fleur” was born. The response to the image was fantastic and with the encouragement of his agent, Myrna Kresh, Tcherevkoff spent what I must consider countless imaginative hours – creating these whimsical and fantastic designs.

Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy, was published last fall by Welcome Books. It is a virtual collection of 100 fashion forward shoes, boots and handbags, each created from a single botanical variety.

The book features an introduction by design maven, Diane von Furstenberg and is organized into 4 fashion categories, Fall, Spring , Resort and Bridal.

Enjoy viewing the a gallery of Michel Tcherevkoff’s work here and if you happen to be in Paris this summer, you can view the Shoe-Fleur Collection at Le Bon Marché through August 08.

Take a peek inside the book – here. enjoy HH

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Shannon Carney is an ambitious, young, contemporary art jeweller. Her work features hand poured and colored resin as well as individually hammered pieces of gold in her naturally elegant designs.

A former competitive golfer, Shannon received a scholarship and played at Indiana University where she studied Jewellery Design and Business, and graduated with honors.

Shannon then moved to Europe and continued her studies and work at the Alchimia, a private school of contemporary jewellery and design, founded in 1998 in Florence, Italy by Lucia Massei and Doris Maninger.

Carney also won an artist’ residency in the Cote d’Azur of France where she then lived and worked for one year.

We look forward to more fabulous designs for the very young and talented, Shannon Carney. Enjoy HH

All images and designs from ShannonCarney.com

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Elizabeth Showers

I fell for these beautiful designs before I realized that there was so much more to them, than gold or gems…

This young jewelry designer, Elizabeth Showers is an amazing woman. Her designs are meant to “empower all women to feel beautiful.” Elizabeth herself appears to understand the meaning of true beauty, her recovery from anorexia has provided her with the inspiration and drive to create exquisite designs that embody triumph over adversity.

The sale of each piece from the Hope Star Collection helps supports the National Eating Disorder Association and the Elisa Project. Elizabeth has also designed the Promise Collection and a donation is made to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for each piece sold. HH

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