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Greetings!  We hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Did you travel anywhere exciting?  Eileen went to Denver and I stayed local this year.  I did however,  take some time to visit here and was delighted by the magnificent horticultural displays.  Utterly breathtaking…..


I forgot my camera – oops!  Images via {John Fischer}

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Best wishes for a relaxing Labor Day!

Garden Chaise – Janus et Cie

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One of our favorite summer plants is the Hydrangea. We will have months to enjoy an abundance of dense blooms that will beautifully transition from blues and purples to pinks and greens by summer’s end.

Image- Martha Stewart

A few fresh cut pompoms can make a dramatic statement in any room.

Carolyne Roehm Delft Blues

Gemma Comas Photography

Image – Martha Stewart Living

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The final bell has rung and the familiar afternoon rumblings of Bus 6 will soon be a distant memory. The girls are finally home and full of excitement as they begin their summer vacation!

Aahh yes, a summer of swim team, reading, golf lessons, play time and a few school camps will fill their days. Quite the idyllic life for a 6 and 7 year old.

Adjustments must be made to my daily routine as I will now have my two young side-kicks at home, creating their own version of the perfect summer vacation. Their “creativity” never ceases to amaze me (or at times incense me). I look forward to what they have in store for me!

I must remember that patience, flexibility, central air, a nice chardonnay and of course, lots of love, will make this quite a lovely summer. Enjoy HH

Wonderful Plant Creations from Elsa Mora (her work is incredible – take a peek)

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Short Lived

Sam Norgard

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A lovely addition to any garden. Enjoy HH

Shawn Lovell Metalworks

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A few weeks ago, I visited Terrain at Styers,a new concept store from the Urban Outfitters retail chain. The purchase of the J. Franklin Styer garden center has enabled Urban Outfitters to “transform the local garden center into an experience that celebrates the beauty and abundance of nature while offering an eclectic mix of garden-inspired products tailored for the contemporary customer.” (Urban Outfitters Press Release)

Prior to my visit, I viewed some of the store photos via {Oh Joy} and they had this oddly familiar feeling. It was not until after my shopping excursion that I realized I had seen this retail look and many of the products before on the site of Baileys Home and Garden.

Here are a few photos from the Terrain at Home site and from {Oh Joy Flickr}:

Now – the images from Bailey’s Home & Garden:

Is there more than just a product connection here? Regardless, the merchandising at Terrain was beautiful and I was also impressed by the many books on gardening, cooking and design that were interspersed throughout the store. Definitely worth the visit….(Terrain at Styers is located in Concordville, PA). HH

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