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Give your Dad the car of his dreams – if only for his desk! The sleek and stylish Maserati Desk Racer is a handsome, hand-cast aluminum, limited edition model. Perfect for displaying business cards or other desk gadgets. The Maserati arrives in checkered flag gift box – perfect for Father’s Day. HH


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Reminiscent of Carrol Boyes’ “Lady in the Tub”, imagine having a woman’s body in the middle of your stove that also serves a purpose. Enter Carrol’s cast aluminum spoon rest. Both functional and fun it is not only serviceable but affordable and the perfect length to hold even longer utensils, (9.3” by 3.2”). Every time I show this to a customer it brings smiles both because of the humor as well as the unexpected function of the gift they intend to buy…usually for themselves. The price is more than right at $32. EW

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Affordable and “functional art” for your table. Renowned South African artist, Carrol Boyes has crafted this contemporary bowl from cast aluminum. Titled, “Canoe Bowl – At Ease.”

A fantastic way to display and array of appetizers at your next get-together. The solid design also makes it a perfect choice for outdoor dining. Each bowl is meticulously hand-crafted. The Canoe Bowl would be a fine and welcome addition to your serveware collection. Enjoy

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