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Sweet Paul Delft Vases

The deliciously crafty Sweet Paul whipped up another fun project with these delft inspired vases.

Printing your image, or in this case a photo of a delft vase,  on Lazertran inkjet paper creates a decal that can be transferred to the surface of the vase.  I have yet to work with Lazertran, but I am imagining all of the possibilities – thanks Paul!

image {Frances Janisch} via {Sweet Paul}


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The hand blown glass art takes center stage in this beautifully designed room by Mary Anne Smiley.

The glass pieces reminiscent of Dale Chihuly’s work, reminded me of a gift my ever thoughtful sister gave to the girls.  The Dale Chihuly Art Kit features an interactive book that guides the reader through Chihuly’s career while making 10 “stops” to participate in fun artistic activities.

The book does a marvelous job of introducing children to the creative process by using real world examples with easily attainable objects – think marshmallows, ice cubes, play doh and fruit and vegetable stamps.  I love the idea of using a heated marshmallow to pretend to blow glass – genius! Beautiful and functional.   enjoy hh

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