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Alex Monroe Jewelry

Loving the nature inspired jewelry from British designer, Alex Monroe.

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A clever concept, beautiful artwork and witty titles – Birds On Things is just plain fun!


“Spit or Swallow”





For an instant smile, go visit Don McMahon’s gallery here or here.

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Time for a little rest…..be back soon!

Little Birds {Kate Wilson}

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“Just You and Me”

Do you see the two birds inside?

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This is a must see…

Highly acclaimed Norwegian photographer, Sølve Sundsbø has made his mark on the fashion world with his personal brand of style that incorporates many cutting edge techniques as well as pure photographic skills.

One of his latest projects, PERROQUET, featured a small, slender exotic beauty, not your typical high priced fashion model, but rather a long tailed parrot.

Comprised of 8 short films and a selection of photographs, “Sundsbø looks to this as fashion on an evolutionary scale: compared to the fast-paced, demanding nature of the fashion calendar and the many ‘looks’ each season produces, this creature’s stunning ‘outfit’ has taken centuries to develop.”

“In Parroquet, the subject matter encouraged Sundsbø to take a somewhat different approach, focusing on one specific element: the movement of the bird in flight. It was always Sundsbø’s chief intention to document the parroquet using photography and film; both mediums enabling him to steal moments that would normally be missed.”

Do take the time to view the short films and photos at SHOWstudio.  enjoy hh

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Precisely folded book pages allow birds to flutter across Lizzie Buckmaster Dove’s creations:

View more of her work here.  enjoy hh

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By Bird Nerd

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