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“Just You and Me”

Do you see the two birds inside?

{Tiffany Bozic}

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Ever think of sending a postcard with your holiday greetings?  Not only are they economical to send {27¢} they are also environmentally conscious because they don’t require extra paper for an envelope {ok, that was a bit of a stretch!}.  Each of these seasonal images are printed on creamy card stock and glisten with a dusting of silver glitter.

Mail a postcard and spread holiday cheer to your friends and to the postal workers who deliver them {you know they look!}.

Holiday Botanical Glitter Postcards by Cavallini are available next door at writeonandmore.

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Photographer and artist Michel Tcherevkoff creates and captures these amazing botanical images. Utilizing a digital camera, MAC Pro and Photoshop, Tcherevkoff masterfully blends the mediums of photography and digital art.

Born in Paris to Russian Parents, Tcherevkoff completed Law School in France. After a visit with his sister, a model living in New York, he abruptly changed plans and soon began a new career in photography.

Tcherevkoff learned the trade by assisting other photographers and soon discovered his own talents and passion for the camera. Although he lacked any formal art or photography training, Tcherevkoff quickly established himself in the advertising world with his “avant- garde” style.

Working with such clients as Prescriptives, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Canon and Valentino, Tcherevkoff honed his craft and solidified his reputation for creating “unconventional advertising images”.

While on a shoot, he viewed a photo of a leaf turned upside down and thought it resembled a shoe. Tcherevkoff scanned the image and added a heel – the first “Shoe Fleur” was born. The response to the image was fantastic and with the encouragement of his agent, Myrna Kresh, Tcherevkoff spent what I must consider countless imaginative hours – creating these whimsical and fantastic designs.

Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy, was published last fall by Welcome Books. It is a virtual collection of 100 fashion forward shoes, boots and handbags, each created from a single botanical variety.

The book features an introduction by design maven, Diane von Furstenberg and is organized into 4 fashion categories, Fall, Spring , Resort and Bridal.

Enjoy viewing the a gallery of Michel Tcherevkoff’s work here and if you happen to be in Paris this summer, you can view the Shoe-Fleur Collection at Le Bon Marché through August 08.

Take a peek inside the book – here. enjoy HH

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