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A sleek ebony glass filled with DayNa Decker’s signature botanical oil infused with the most alluring fragrance. 8 black diffuser reeds and polished black anodized aluminum hardware complete the sophisticated design. The smooth and sexy Jacaranda Blossom botanical oil features notes of Ananas Leaf & Muguet along with Lime and a sultry Cedar and Sandalwood combination.

Dayna Decker Essence Couture Diffuser

This week’s Stylish Steal @ writeonandmore.com


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“There is no function that cannot be given its optimal form”

That is the driving force behind Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein. Wettstein and his team of designers and architects have cultivated and produced award winning interiors, furniture, lighting, electronics and luxury good products.

Wettstein’s design for the influential and technologically innovative German pen manufacturer – LAMY, is a prime example of functional contemporary art.

The LAMY Studio shows with great elegance how close design and art can become.

The LAMY Studio Fountain Pen would make a superb gift for Father’s Day or the recent College Graduate. Find it here. Enjoy HH

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This very hip wallet from Stewart/Stand is the ultimate accessory for the man who never settles for the ordinary. A perfect gift for Father’s Day or for the new Graduate. Available for a “steel” here. HH

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Write On and More’s “Stylish Steal” of the week features the gorgeous L’Objet Platinum Garland Salt & Pepper Set.

Lobjet Garland Salt and Pepper Set

These stunning crystal spheres are surrounded by an intricate platinum garland band that sparkles with crystals. A perfect gift for those upcoming Spring Weddings! The Stylish Steal will only be available until Monday (3/24)! HH


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We are so excited to announce our new “Stylish Steal” of the week! Every Friday one fabulous item will be offered at an incredibly discounted price – but only for 3 days (until the following Monday).


Everyone loves the feeling of finding a great “steal” and chances are you will not find a better deal anywhere else online. Plus, it is Friday and what a great way to celebrate the end of a long work week and the start of a relaxing weekend!

Look for the “Stylish Steal” button on the homepage and discover what is revealed each week. Go for it! HH

Stylish Steal Button

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