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A few months ago we posted about the on-line collaging site called Polyvore {Create Your Own On-line Collage} We have since uploaded a bunch of products from writeonandmore.com to the Polyvore item database and have enjoyed hundreds of users creating “sets” that feature one or more of our products.

It is just amazing to see all of the talent and originality in these designs. Take a look at how OUD used our Olivia Riegel Sea Creature Frame.

We look forward to showcasing more great Polyvore designers who utilize Write On and More products in their sets. Enjoy. HH


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Yesterday I had the pleasure of chaperoning my daughter’s class trip to the Adventure Aquarium – what a fabulous place! I also happened to catch the very poignant movie “The Squid and the Whale” last night. So – why not continue this immersion in sea life by featuring the dazzling Sea Creature Frame by Olivia Riegel! An octopus and fish have been captured in colors of soft taupe and cream with Austrian crystal and enamel accents. This uniquely designed and hand-finished round frame is elegantly gift-boxed and ready to give to your favorite lover of true nautical decor. Enjoy. HH

Olivia Riegel Sea Creature Frame

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