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Write On and More is celebrating the new Autumn season by honoring  one of America’s first environmentalists, Henry D. Thoreau…

Henry David Thoreau lived in Walden Woods for two years, two months and two days in a cabin he built himself. He recorded his experiences in extensive sketches and diaries published in 1854. Walden, or Life in the Woods, became the inspiration for a new mode of life started on a little pond in New England. Few places in the world embody such a rich blend of ecological, literary, and cultural history. The American environmental movement had its roots in Walden Woods.

When in 1990 Walden Woods was threatened by commercial development, recording artist, Don Henley founded the Walden Woods Project to preserve the land that inspired Thoreau through environmental literacy and stewardship. In honoring Thoreau and the Walden Woods Project, Faber-Castell introduced a rollerball pen made of salvaged wood from naturally fallen ash trees in Walden Woods.

Faber-Castell donates a portion of the proceeds to the cause of preserving Walden Woods and enabling American Forests to plant a tree for each pen sold.

Each pen is inscribed with a passage from Thoreau’s ” Writings.”

H. D. Thoreau

Only 2,006 pens were produced and each one is individually numbered.  This fine precision instrument is prized by collectors and would make an exquisite gift for those who appreciate the historical and cultural impact of Thoreau.

Hold history in your hand and help protect an American legacy.  A limited number of pens are available at Write On and More. EHW


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The elegant form of the Visconti Pen along with the delicate swirls of muted colors is reminiscent of Giambattista Valli’s Fall 2008 Collection. enjoy hh

Visconti Van Gogh Ballpoint available here. Photo Credits: Marcio Madeira

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What’s not to love about orange? The striking color combination of the LAMY Tipo Pen is well represented in Giles Deacon’s for Daks Fall 2008 collection, prior to his leaving last spring. enjoy hh

LAMY Tipo Rollerball Pen available here. Photo credits: Marcio Madeira

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The modern minimalist design and elegant silhouette of the Fjäder Pen is captured in the Armani Privé Fall 2008 Collection.

The ergonomically designed Fjäder Pen is available here. Photo credits: Marcio Madiera

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“There is no function that cannot be given its optimal form”

That is the driving force behind Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein. Wettstein and his team of designers and architects have cultivated and produced award winning interiors, furniture, lighting, electronics and luxury good products.

Wettstein’s design for the influential and technologically innovative German pen manufacturer – LAMY, is a prime example of functional contemporary art.

The LAMY Studio shows with great elegance how close design and art can become.

The LAMY Studio Fountain Pen would make a superb gift for Father’s Day or the recent College Graduate. Find it here. Enjoy HH

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A precise writing instrument that houses over 2 feet of paper in the cap. The cap can be easily removed from the barrel to enable you to write directly on the paper without having to tear it off.

We were fortunate to spend some time with the pen’s designer, Jac Zagoory, at the Stationery Show – we truly appreciate the passion he has for his craft and for life in general! Thanks Jac~

Find the Scroll Pen here

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A pen is an instrument that you use almost every day of your life. Often times you just grab what is close, could be a ballpoint from a local bank, a playful pen with an unpronounceable pharmaceutical drug name (in my case sometimes a crayon) or you could have in your possession one of the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced Pens – a Visconti.

The Visconti brand is well known by collectors throughout the world – it was actually founded by two avid fountain pen collectors in 1988. For those of us who are not collectors, but want the look, feel and quite frankly, the status of an expertly crafted pen, here is a crash course.

Visconti was the first company to reintroduce CELLULOID manufactured pens. “Celluloid is an environmentally friendly and modern material, which unlike plastics does not derive from petroleum products, but from cellulose and camphor worked with alcohol. ” Celluloid is easy to color and allows for many designs. “It’s composition is totally anallergic and it partially absorbs the humidity (sweat!) from your hands so it feels smooth and comfortable.” It even has shock absorbency!

The entire process to reach a workable material lasts 4 – 8 months depending on the thickness of the celluloid. The pen forms can be created by wrapping individual sheets of celluloid – this process allows for many colors and designs or creating a pen from a solid rod or barrel – this allows for almost any shape.

Some of the Visconti Pens that we carry at Write On and More feature squared edges, like the Opera Series Fountain Pen in a gorgeous shade of blue Visconti Blue or the rounded edges of the Van Gogh Ballpoint. Van Gogh

The “Cherry Blossom” provides a beautiful and dreamy color combination. Cherry Blossom

Each pen requires months to manufacture, so you are not getting a mass produced form, but rather a true work of art. Take a look at our growing pen collection at Write On and More. We also would be happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding the Visconti or other pens that we carry (customerservice@writeonandmore.com). HH

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