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The design, the look, the feel and the weight – we could be referring to your fashion wardrobe, but rather, we are commenting on your Pen wardrobe.

Because a fine pen has the some of the same characteristics as high fashion – design, style, luxury, legacy and status, we thought it would be interesting to match a pen to some of the world’s top fashion designer’s collections.

We are calling this exploration of fashion and pens, Fash-Ink {Pen Couture}. We begin with three striking pens, a Visconti, a LAMY and the Fjäder.

Take a look below and see if we captured the essence of these designs. enjoy hh


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Find a wonderful collection of inspired gifts for the new graduate at writeonandmore.com

The Perfect Pen LAMY Swift Rollerball

Performance PortfoliosBaekgaard Ltd. Leather Portfolios in Black or Azalea

Chic Card CasesAcme Studios

Marvelous Messenger BagsBosca Leather

Post-College Courtesy How To Be a Lady OR How To Be a Gentleman

Sleek Style Ögon Designs Aluminum Wallets

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Preppy Chic from Kate Spade. These cheerful striped notepads are sure to put a smile on Mom’s face. Pair with the Shiny Pink LAMY Tipo Rollerball Pen and you will make writing the grocery list a stylish event for any Mom! Enjoy HH

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These clever and stylish computer Mousepads are the just the thing you need to help keep you organized and on track. The Dots and Stripes version features a lined section on the left for your notes and to-do’s, while the right section is available for any doodles and sketches you create.

The colorful Thomas Paul Mousepad features a calendar and to-do list surrounded by aqua and leaf flowers- one of Paul’s signature designs.

Add the ergonomically designed, award winning Yoropen and you now have a great gift! The perfect way to recognize a colleague who just received a promotion or a thoughtful gift for the new college graduate. HH

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Question: “What is a good Valentine’s gift for someone you just started dating – one that does not scream – I am soooo into you!”

Answer: “Try to keep the gift casual and definitely make sure it is functional and well designed. We believe a great Pen is the answer! If he or she happens to be the “one” – the pen will always be a reminder of the beginning of your relationship. But, hey, if things do not work out you can still use the pen to scribble some hate mail (just joking) or rather, “self-therapy” notes!!

We think the LAMY Swift Rollerball Pen is great for a man or woman. If you are looking for a splash of color – the ACME “Capital” Rollerball Pen is a great choice for that special lady.

Acme Capital Rollerball Pen


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