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A few months ago we posted about the on-line collaging site called Polyvore {Create Your Own On-line Collage} We have since uploaded a bunch of products from writeonandmore.com to the Polyvore item database and have enjoyed hundreds of users creating “sets” that feature one or more of our products.

It is just amazing to see all of the talent and originality in these designs. Take a look at how OUD used our Olivia Riegel Sea Creature Frame.

We look forward to showcasing more great Polyvore designers who utilize Write On and More products in their sets. Enjoy. HH


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Before scrapbooking became such a national phenomenon we had “collaging!” Remember all of those pictures from spring break, formal dances and summer vacations that were expertly “mashed” together and stuck behind a cheap acrylic frame? They were displayed proudly in many a dorm room, but today, I am sure they have found a much less visible home (in a box in the basement). Well, it is time to get those creative juices flowing (or mouse clicking abilities going) and join this new creative revolution – Polyvore. Here is the background info from the Polyvore Website:

“Polyvore is a unique, easy-to-use web-based application for mixing and matching products from any online store. Items are pulled together into a visual set of products that can be shared with anyone. Each product within the set is then linked back to the online store where it is available for purchase.

Polyvore is often described as “highly addictive” by those who fall in love with it’s collaging functionality and spend hours creating sets to share with others. Polyvore thus offers an unprecedented level of direct engagement with real products and brands, while its social features make it a powerful platform for the creation and distribution of user-generated advertising.”

OK – so instead of cropping real photos, you are surfing the web and clicking on great products to use in your set. It is very cool and seems relatively easy to use – try not to be intimidated by the amazing layouts you will see on the homepage and just have fun with it!!

We would love to see someone create a great set of Write On and More products – should we start a contest???

img-set.jpg Here is a quick set we created today.

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