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Each item in our store is hand-selected by us – so there is a story behind everything. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you in person all of the reasons why we chose a product or all of its amazing attributes – but having this Blog is the next best thing.

Here is the story behind these amazing Snakeskin Frames and Notepads from Helene Batoff Interiors. Last August we visited Helene and her staff at her Wynnewood, PA Studio. We actually hand-selected the individual skins that would be used to cover the frames and notepad holders. Each piece is hand-finished at the Studio by Helene’s long time and hardworking staff. These pieces are truly are one-of a kind and are exclusive to Write On and More.

The Brown set would look fantastic on a man’s desk. The colors are so rich and have a very masculine feel. The Black Set is super chic – and would make a wonderful gift. The Red Set is very sophisticated and would work equally well on a man’s or woman’s desk. The notepad holders are refillable! HH

Brown Set Black Red


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Ogon Designs WalletA few very hot gift ideas for Valentine’s Day! A bold red Aluminum Wallet from Ă–gon Designs is very cool (also comes in silver). The red leather “Think Pad” from Karen Callan features a whimsical frog resting on the 500 sheet pad – magnificent! Find them both at Write On and More. HH

Karen Kallan Desk Pad

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These are fabulous!


Phrenology – from the Greek words for “mind” and “knowledge” was a very popular discipline in the 19th century. The concept or idea was that personality and character traits of an individual were determined by the shape of their head. The brain was divided into different areas that represented certain localized functions and the “bumps and fissures” on the head in those areas would be measured to determine if certain personality traits or propensities were evident. This discipline even went so far as predicting a child’s future life, prospects for marriage and was used to screen job applicants! I am sure “Mr. Big Head” wished the EEOC existed.

Pseudo Science or not – I just thought the busts were cool – look for one in the store and on my mantle very soon!

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