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How fabulous are these mini clipboard and notepad sets from the Macbeth Collection?  They make the perfect gift for just about anyone and we will  personalize the notepad with one name for free!*  Hurry up – this is a limited time offer (*until 12/12/09 or while supplies last).


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Shop Write On and More for the “perfect” holiday gift!

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Graham Green Hammock

Dear Blog,

It’s me, not you.  Yes, we had been working so well together, but lately I just can’t seem to keep up with your daily needs.  You deserve more than just a random upload from “My Blog Folder” of saved images (even though they are quite nice!).

From the beginning – you understood that you would share my attention and time – so, if you are still willing to hang in there a bit longer (or until school ends for the girls) I promise that you will regain the fabulousness you have grown accustomed too!

Till then….Cheers!


Stripey Hammock via {Graham & Green UK}

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The seductive scent of spring is captured in this elegant “chandel” by Dayna Decker.

Fill your home or office with  fresh notes of Hyacinth, White Freesia, Stephanotis, Sea Moss and Cassis Musk.

Nigella Chandel and other fabulous scents available next door at {Write On and More}

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I could not let our first blogday end without recognizing the person who made all of this possible – Eileen.

Eileen works tirelessly to manage, grow and continually reinvent her wildly successful stationery and gift boutique. So, I definitely feel a bit guilty that most of my work is performed on a computer {in my pjs}, searching for pretty things to buy or write about.

I am honored that she has allowed me to tag along on her latest venture and appreciate the freedom she has given me to express myself here.

And if you don’t already know – Eileen is my husband’s mother, the girl’s Gigi and my very dear mother-in-law.

Thank you!

Vintage Photo {Ana-Lee}

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