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Sweet Paul Delft Vases

The deliciously crafty Sweet Paul whipped up another fun project with these delft inspired vases.

Printing your image, or in this case a photo of a delft vase,  on Lazertran inkjet paper creates a decal that can be transferred to the surface of the vase.  I have yet to work with Lazertran, but I am imagining all of the possibilities – thanks Paul!

image {Frances Janisch} via {Sweet Paul}


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Bored Bucket Crafts

As we head into the final month of summer vacation – I’ve been hearing that certain phrase “I’m bored” a bit too often.  So, to keep boredom at bay (and the TV off) we created our very own “I’m Bored Bucket” that is chock full of pretty papers, crafty doo dads, glitter, feathers and many more found objects!  The girls even made one for their neighbor friends.

I love discovering  things from around the house to add to the bucket  – like  packs of twisty ties and cardboard coffee cup sleeves I found in a drawer –  can’t wait to see what they create with this “elementary upcycling!”

image {mine}

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