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Both of our husbands carry this handsome stainless steel wallet.  Yes, stainless steel!  The silky-smooth texture and ultra-modern design make this a true statement piece and a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite guy!

Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Driving Wallet

{available next door at writeonandmore.com}

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There has been quite a bit of chatter lately about finding gifts with “shelf-life” – to be enjoyed and appreciated long past December 25th.   We believe this book could be one of the most lovely and thoughtful gifts you can get for your father or any new Dad.

Each page of My Dad: His Stories, His Words has questions that only your Dad can answer like, “Who were your best friends from childhood?  What were they like?”  Learn about Dad from his perspective and discover what made him the man he is today.

Ultimately, the completed book will become a gift for future generations to cherish – one with the best kind of “shelf-life.” enjoy hh

Available next door at writeonandmore

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We wanted to spread the word about the Pre Holiday sale next door at writeonandmore.  There are some great gift ideas priced under $20 from designers like Snow & Graham, Nantaka Joy and Cecily Ink.

If you are looking for a gift to make a dramatic statement, then you must see the Glenda Gies Totes, they are gorgeous and impeccably made with vintage fabrics and rich leather details.  For men, the Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel wallet is a unique and stylish choice.

Like the word cloud above?   Create your own at worldle, an incredibly cool interactive program created by Johnathan Feinberg.  Go check it out and enjoy.

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Make a bold statement with these stylish accessories…

Stewart/Stand Wallets and Cufflinks

Bosca Old Leather Messenger Bag

Mens fashion via Kilgour

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“Fjäder” is the Swedish word for “feather” and this distinctive pen from Gustav Innovation is a modern interpretation of an Old World feather pen.

Available in a delicious Strawberry Red Color or

Black with Chrome accents.

The Fjäder Pen weighs less than 10 grams and is ergonomically designed for comfortable writing. Find it here. Enjoy HH

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The game of Solitaire is reputed to have been invented by a nobleman confined in the Bastille during the early years of the French Revolution.

The game is played with 36 marbles. The object is to eliminate all but one marble, which should ideally end up in the center of the board.

Each marble is hand blown from Venetian glass and no two will be alike. The ebony colored board is crafted from turned mahogany. Between challenging games of Solitaire, the vibrant colors and artistic qualities of these pieces become objects of beauty in your home. Find it here. Enjoy HH

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Keep your papers, documents or even the manuscript to the novel you have been toiling over – safe and protected in this handsome portfolio by Baekgaard.

The portfolio’s outer material is a charcoal black microfiber with leather trim accents. The interior features a plaid lining that is exclusive to Baekgaard Ltd. A very fine gift – find it here. Enjoy HH

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“There is no function that cannot be given its optimal form”

That is the driving force behind Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein. Wettstein and his team of designers and architects have cultivated and produced award winning interiors, furniture, lighting, electronics and luxury good products.

Wettstein’s design for the influential and technologically innovative German pen manufacturer – LAMY, is a prime example of functional contemporary art.

The LAMY Studio shows with great elegance how close design and art can become.

The LAMY Studio Fountain Pen would make a superb gift for Father’s Day or the recent College Graduate. Find it here. Enjoy HH

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A precise writing instrument that houses over 2 feet of paper in the cap. The cap can be easily removed from the barrel to enable you to write directly on the paper without having to tear it off.

We were fortunate to spend some time with the pen’s designer, Jac Zagoory, at the Stationery Show – we truly appreciate the passion he has for his craft and for life in general! Thanks Jac~

Find the Scroll Pen here

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Dad, Daddy, Pop, Father, Old Man – however you address yours – just make sure you actually call him on Father’s Day! Here are some unique Father’s Day gift suggestions :

Father’s Day Gifts Under $15

Dots and Stripes Mousepad – very cool paper pad that is lined on one side for notes and blank on the other for doodles or sketches – only $10

Block Multi-Function Clock – rotate to digitally show time, temperature, date or alarm. Very cool at $15

Father’s Day Gifts $25-$35

This eco-friendly 3-D Cardboard Rhino Puzzle will give Dad that big game vibe for his office. Quite an original gift ($25)

Open up – Bottle Opener: functional art for the bar by Carrol Boyes ($32)

Major gift – minor price. Genuine leather mini baseball glove is the perfect desk accessory for the baseball obsessed Dad. Easily holds business cards, keys, cellphone or other desk gadgets. ($35)

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This very hip wallet from Stewart/Stand is the ultimate accessory for the man who never settles for the ordinary. A perfect gift for Father’s Day or for the new Graduate. Available for a “steel” here. HH

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Give your Dad the car of his dreams – if only for his desk! The sleek and stylish Maserati Desk Racer is a handsome, hand-cast aluminum, limited edition model. Perfect for displaying business cards or other desk gadgets. The Maserati arrives in checkered flag gift box – perfect for Father’s Day. HH

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Find a wonderful collection of inspired gifts for the new graduate at writeonandmore.com

The Perfect Pen LAMY Swift Rollerball

Performance PortfoliosBaekgaard Ltd. Leather Portfolios in Black or Azalea

Chic Card CasesAcme Studios

Marvelous Messenger BagsBosca Leather

Post-College Courtesy How To Be a Lady OR How To Be a Gentleman

Sleek Style Ögon Designs Aluminum Wallets

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A Write On and More Exclusive. Stunning Snakeskin covered Frame and Notepad Set designed and hand-finished by Helene Batoff Interiors. The Midnight & Cream colors are a very chic combination and will work equally well on the desk of a man or woman. The frame will hold a 4×6 photo and the notepad is refillable. A wonderful gift for Father’s Day or for the new Graduate. Find it here.

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How cool is a metal wallet? These sleek and colorful Aluminum Wallets from Ögon Designs are sure to get you noticed. Pocket-sized and functional – each case can hold 15 credit cards, ID, metro pass or cash in the fan-shaped pockets. Find them here. Enjoy HH

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Today is the start of the 2008 Major League Baseball season – let’s mark the day by featuring these amazing suede baseballs. A unique and thoughtful gift that would allow any new Dad to announce his arrival in style.

It’s a Boy Baseball Its a Girl Baseball

The baseballs are hand-made to professional standards and arrive in a box with a green turf base stand – perfect to display on a desk or shelf. Find them here. Enjoy HH

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These clever and stylish computer Mousepads are the just the thing you need to help keep you organized and on track. The Dots and Stripes version features a lined section on the left for your notes and to-do’s, while the right section is available for any doodles and sketches you create.

The colorful Thomas Paul Mousepad features a calendar and to-do list surrounded by aqua and leaf flowers- one of Paul’s signature designs.

Add the ergonomically designed, award winning Yoropen and you now have a great gift! The perfect way to recognize a colleague who just received a promotion or a thoughtful gift for the new college graduate. HH

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Blogging is new for me, but great product identification is not. There’s a hot gift for brides that won’t stay on our shelves. It’s Claude Dozorme’s cheese knives. The colors look like a poster for sherbert; orange, gold and pink over mother of pearl handles (There are blue/green shades as well). The blades are for the purpose – serrated for slicing bread, a hard cheese knife as well as a spreader. The story behind the blades is even more appealing. When the company began in Laguiole, France in 1902, the place where the blades were being made had no heat, so the men were bundled in clothing with their dogs keeping their feet and legs warm, while they straightened and sharpened their blades. The product has developed to become a beautiful and more sophisticated gift and perfect for the bride. EW

Claude Dozorme Cheese Service

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A pen is an instrument that you use almost every day of your life. Often times you just grab what is close, could be a ballpoint from a local bank, a playful pen with an unpronounceable pharmaceutical drug name (in my case sometimes a crayon) or you could have in your possession one of the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced Pens – a Visconti.

The Visconti brand is well known by collectors throughout the world – it was actually founded by two avid fountain pen collectors in 1988. For those of us who are not collectors, but want the look, feel and quite frankly, the status of an expertly crafted pen, here is a crash course.

Visconti was the first company to reintroduce CELLULOID manufactured pens. “Celluloid is an environmentally friendly and modern material, which unlike plastics does not derive from petroleum products, but from cellulose and camphor worked with alcohol. ” Celluloid is easy to color and allows for many designs. “It’s composition is totally anallergic and it partially absorbs the humidity (sweat!) from your hands so it feels smooth and comfortable.” It even has shock absorbency!

The entire process to reach a workable material lasts 4 – 8 months depending on the thickness of the celluloid. The pen forms can be created by wrapping individual sheets of celluloid – this process allows for many colors and designs or creating a pen from a solid rod or barrel – this allows for almost any shape.

Some of the Visconti Pens that we carry at Write On and More feature squared edges, like the Opera Series Fountain Pen in a gorgeous shade of blue Visconti Blue or the rounded edges of the Van Gogh Ballpoint. Van Gogh

The “Cherry Blossom” provides a beautiful and dreamy color combination. Cherry Blossom

Each pen requires months to manufacture, so you are not getting a mass produced form, but rather a true work of art. Take a look at our growing pen collection at Write On and More. We also would be happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding the Visconti or other pens that we carry (customerservice@writeonandmore.com). HH

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Each item in our store is hand-selected by us – so there is a story behind everything. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you in person all of the reasons why we chose a product or all of its amazing attributes – but having this Blog is the next best thing.

Here is the story behind these amazing Snakeskin Frames and Notepads from Helene Batoff Interiors. Last August we visited Helene and her staff at her Wynnewood, PA Studio. We actually hand-selected the individual skins that would be used to cover the frames and notepad holders. Each piece is hand-finished at the Studio by Helene’s long time and hardworking staff. These pieces are truly are one-of a kind and are exclusive to Write On and More.

The Brown set would look fantastic on a man’s desk. The colors are so rich and have a very masculine feel. The Black Set is super chic – and would make a wonderful gift. The Red Set is very sophisticated and would work equally well on a man’s or woman’s desk. The notepad holders are refillable! HH

Brown Set Black Red

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Ogon Designs WalletA few very hot gift ideas for Valentine’s Day! A bold red Aluminum Wallet from Ögon Designs is very cool (also comes in silver). The red leather “Think Pad” from Karen Callan features a whimsical frog resting on the 500 sheet pad – magnificent! Find them both at Write On and More. HH

Karen Kallan Desk Pad

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These are fabulous!


Phrenology – from the Greek words for “mind” and “knowledge” was a very popular discipline in the 19th century. The concept or idea was that personality and character traits of an individual were determined by the shape of their head. The brain was divided into different areas that represented certain localized functions and the “bumps and fissures” on the head in those areas would be measured to determine if certain personality traits or propensities were evident. This discipline even went so far as predicting a child’s future life, prospects for marriage and was used to screen job applicants! I am sure “Mr. Big Head” wished the EEOC existed.

Pseudo Science or not – I just thought the busts were cool – look for one in the store and on my mantle very soon!

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Cufflinks as a Valentine’s Day gift for your leading man? Definitely! These are not any ordinary cufflinks – first of all, they are called “Flatlinks” and are the creation of the Brooklyn design house Stewart/Stand. Created from titanium, each cufflink rotates 180* to reveal an All-Titanium side or the Black Enamel side- 2 looks in one. Stewart/Stand places particular focus on the experiential attributes of their designs. Each set of flatlinks are packaged in a gift box with a custom magnetic travel case & story card. A fabulous gift for the design conscious man.

Ellispe Cufflinks


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Question: “What is a good Valentine’s gift for someone you just started dating – one that does not scream – I am soooo into you!”

Answer: “Try to keep the gift casual and definitely make sure it is functional and well designed. We believe a great Pen is the answer! If he or she happens to be the “one” – the pen will always be a reminder of the beginning of your relationship. But, hey, if things do not work out you can still use the pen to scribble some hate mail (just joking) or rather, “self-therapy” notes!!

We think the LAMY Swift Rollerball Pen is great for a man or woman. If you are looking for a splash of color – the ACME “Capital” Rollerball Pen is a great choice for that special lady.

Acme Capital Rollerball Pen


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We just added some new Acme Studios Business Card Cases to the store. The Ayse + Bibi one has a particularly fun graphic – it just makes you smile!

Acme Card Case

The “Biltmore” Card Case takes its design from Frank Lloyd Wright and is set to be featured in InStyle Magazine this March.

Biltmore Card Case

The “Taeguk II” designed by Young Se Kim would be a fabulous gift for a man – very sleek and contemporary. Taeguk Card Case

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