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Gucci Sunglasses with Gold Buckles

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Set of 3 Round Nesting Boxes from West Elm

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Marimekko Tote

Mansikka “strawberry” pattern by Maija Isola

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Yumbrella Bowls by Benjamin Hubert

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A well designed and versatile case that will organize all of your cosmetic and toiletry essentials. The outside of the Stephanie Johnson “Jenny” Cosmetic Case features a very chic chocolate brown jacquard fabric, trimmed with colorful turquoise grosgrain ribbon and Turkish silk knot zipper pulls.

This line of chic and stylish bags is the brain child of Stephanie Johnson, who launched the company in 2001 after a very successful career in the telecommunications industry. Johnson thrives on finding creative solutions for the perfect travel accessories. Her minimalist approach and eye for great patterns, shapes and functionality have enabled the world traveler or the weekend traveler to organize and pack their essentials with style.

The case opens to a surprisingly bold interior lined in vibrant orange and features a clear removable pouch with pull out mirror. Travel happy! Enjoy HH

This week’s Stylish Steal @ writeonandmore.com

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“Art” can be created by the most unlikely composition of objects and displayed in a very unusual manner. Who would suspect that an outdoor spot light, a passing car and a tree could generate a wonderful, yet ephemeral artistic silhouette.

When I happened upon the work of Meghan Gerety, I immediately thought of summer nights lounging in our yard. The back of the our house becomes a canvas for our Ash tree to be illuminated by a neighbor’s security spot light each time a a car passes by. Perhaps it is the intermittent timing of the light and the fleeting visual display that makes me appreciate the simplicity and beauty of my backyard “art gallery” every summer. Enjoy HH

Art work by Meghan Gerety – pencil on paper – “Capri 2007”

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Images From Left to Right:

Jaguar Bag by Angel Jackson / Silk Scarf by Renato Balestra

Ögon Aluminum Wallet – Write On and More / Scented Sea Glass by Belongings

Pescado Pillow – Z Gallerie / Ostrich Leather Bench – Dransfield and Ross

Hermés Enamel Bracelet / LAMY Tipo Pen – Write On and More

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